Occupational Therapy

You may consider OT screening or intervention if your child displays the following sensorimotor signs:

  • Has difficulty manipulating tools with hands or with tasks that require using 2 hands together
  • Has difficulty with utensils or is using a too weak or too powerful grasp for all tasks
  • Has trouble with dressing tasks
  • Recoils from touch or is bothered by certain fabrics or textures-Seeks out touch to the point it seems excessive (people or objects)
  • Has trouble with handwriting legibility or output
  • Falls out of a chair or surface without cause
  • Trips and falls regularly
  • Frequently gets lost or has trouble finding objects in a busy background, such as in a drawer
  • Shows considerably poorer quality of movement
  • Has more difficulty in crowded or noisy areas, to cover ears or retreat on a regular basis